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NA/EU price data only
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Normal Guides

Initial Cost
Expected Recovery
- 4904
Expected Final Cost

18 Omnomberry Compote - Sold for 93 per via Max Buyout
1 Plate of Orrian Steak Frittes - Sold for 112 per via Max Buyout
1 Loaf of Saffron Bread - Sold for 121 per via Max Buyout
1 Bowl of Roasted Lotus Root - Sold for 85 per via Max Buyout
13 Soul Cake - Sold for 224 per via Max Buyout

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Name of an item and its per unit cost.
Remaining Cost


Note: 11 Basil Leaf(e.g.) means buy 1 bulk Basil Leaf and you will have 14 left over

35 per 25
Master Craftsman or Vendor
35 per 25
Master Craftsman or Vendor
Bag of Flour (8 per from Vendor)
Packet of Salt (8 per from Vendor)
Bag of Sugar (8 per from Vendor)
Jug of Water (8 per from Vendor)
Jar of Vegetable Oil (8 per from Vendor)
Bottle of Soy Sauce (8 per from Vendor)

Total : 105
Remaining Cost

COLLECTIBLES(Check Bank First or Buy on TP)

Omnomberry (66 per)
Stick of Butter (236 per)
Egg (16 per)
Head of Garlic (100 per)
Vanilla Bean (85 per)
Black Peppercorn (65 per)
Lotus Root (20 per)
Slab of Red Meat (29 per)
Remaining Cost

Mixed (Buy on TP)

Saffron Thread (105 per)



Make: 1 Pile of Salt and Pepper
Make: 26 Bowl of Baker's Wet Ingredients



Omnomberry (1)
Bag of Sugar (1)


Cup of Lotus Fries (1)
Slab of Red Meat (1)


Jar of Vegetable Oil (1)
Pile of Salt and Pepper (1)
Lotus Root (1)


Bag of Flour (1)
Packet of Yeast (1)
Jug of Water (1)
Saffron Thread (1)


Jar of Vegetable Oil (1)
Head of Garlic (1)
Bottle of Soy Sauce (1)
Lotus Root (1)

Make: 17 Omnomberry Compote



Omnomberry (3)
Bag of Flour (4)
Bag of Sugar (2)
Bowl of Baker's Wet Ingredients (2)

Make: 12 Soul Cake


Nothing. You are done!