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Q) Source code?

A) Github

Q) Won't these guides be wrong once everyone buys out item X?

A) These guides suggest crafting or buying items based on current TP prices. They will adjust suggested items as prices change. (Nearly) all possible recipes are considered when guides are generated.

Q) Various questions about crit rate/chance or crafting boosters.

A) This script assumes a 0% crit rate, so crits may reduce the number of crafts and thus materials needed.

Crafting boosters give you a +50%, additive with wvw and guild booster bonus, chance to critical while doing a craft. Max bonus of 90%. What a critical does while crafting is give you 50% bonus crafting experience that is additive with other crafting bonuses(discovery, masterwork and rare crafts). Crafting boosters may make it so you need less crafts to reach 400 in a craft but it will not cause you to gain more than 10 character levels.

Q) Can I reuse or link to your guides?

A) Yes, just be aware the current output may change and I will not provide support. Also please provide proper attribution ( xanthic.9478 and a link to this site ).

Q) Various questions about considering TP sell values or adding vendor cost recovery.

A) Balancing based on TP sell values would add risk to the guide price, as prices would even out and stagnate removing the ability for some people to recovery costs that way and thus making their run through the guide several silver more expensive. I currently provide a "best guess" cost recovery based on maximum bid or vendor price, whichever is greater, and if 0 minimum TP sale price.

There also doesn't exist an "automatic" way to determine if an item will actually sell at the price listed either.

Q) How are you making these guides?

A) Multi-part Python 3.7.3 script that uses a greedy algorithm and price data from gw2spidy to calculate the lowest initial gold method of leveling a craft using in game formulas

Q) No, I mean how are you making these guides? (Simple answer)

A) For each "make", I generate a list of items, calculate the highest xp/lowest cost way to make that item based on crafting or buying its parts and then choose the best item to make.

Q) No, I mean how are you making these guides? (Elaborate answer)

A) First I divide crafting up into 16 25 point buckets(ie 0-24, 25-49). Then starting at the 375 I compute(for every item that gives xp) its xp/base_cost, and then for every sub part of that item I compute its xp/base_cost and if any of those items have sub parts I then compute their xp/base_cost until I reach items without recipes. Sub parts are chosen to be made if they are cheaper than buying the part, or they increase the xp/cost ratio more than buying the part. Which is why the guide may tell you to craft something even if it is slightly cheaper to buy it. Then after the best choice is found, xp changes are calculated(across all buckets) and then the best choice is found again.

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