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Note, “Auto Turrets” in the guide are called “Gate Turrets” in game. (API error)

Tip, If you are scribing a certain item but it does not complete (you do not get experience and no materials are used) the processing stack is full (250 of each item is max). To fix the issue, go to the processor and process the items you wanted to craft + wait until they are done. Then you can scribe your items. Keep in mind that you need to have the "edit assembly queue" guild permission in oder to be able to do this. Alternatively you can ask your guild leader (or someone with this permission) to do it for you.

Guild unlocks
Most of the items the guide recommends you to scribe are guild unlocked recipes (see below for a list + alternatives). Your guild needs to have these unlocked before you can see them as recipes and scribe them. If your guild does not have them unlocked yet, you temporarily join another guild (for example “The rising falcons [RiFa]”, see below) that has the unlocks and scribe them in their hall.

Decoration crafting, required guild permissions and tips
The guide shows you the cheapest way to level up. Due to the recipes it is not likely decorations will be included, However if they are, OR if you want to level up through crafting decorations, you will need the following permissions form your guild leader to do so:
- Use placeable (so you use decorations that the guild has for scribing)
- edit assembly queue (so you can finish the decoration by adding it in the processor after which you can, depending on the decoration, also use it again for scribing at a higher level)
After scribing your decorations, go to the processor (near the crafting stations in both halls) and queue the decorations you just crafted to complete them (takes 30 sec / item).
Some additional decoration crafting tips:
1 You can buy basic decorations at the decorations vendor for 24 silver each if your guild has it unlocked. You can always buy them at the master scribe for 50 silver each (even if your guild does not have any decoration vendor unlocked).
2 Some basic decorations can only be obtained from the guild trader (guild trader 4 or higher) for guild commendations.
3 some basic decorations can only be obtained from the decoration trader during certain in game events, for example snow piles from wintersday, pumpkins from Halloween, red lanterns from lunar new year, furniture coins to buy super cloud from SAB festival OR drops from bosses (basically for all the bronze, silver and gold trophies).

Guild unlock List and alternatives for each scribe level range:
The guide will always show you the cheapest option. However, it could be that you lack that unlock in your guild but have another one that you could use instead. See this list for alternatives at each crafting level.
Lv 0-25 refine
Lv 25-50 WvW - Minor Supply Drop
Lv 50-75 Guild Banquet Schematic
Lv 75-100 refine
Lv 100-125 Guild Gathering Boost Banner Schematic#, Guild World Event Schematic, Sabotage Depot
Lv 125-150 Guild Karma Banner Schematic*, Guild Experience Banner Schematic*
Lv 150-175 refine Guild Road Marker Schematic#
Lv 175-200 Guild Gold Gain Banner Schematic, Hardened Gates, Invulnerable Dolyaks, Speedy Dolyaks
Lv200-225 Guild Karma and Experience Banner Schematic *, turtle Banner, Iron guards, Guild Ballista Blueprints, Guild Arrow cart Blue prints
Lv 225-250 refine
Lv 250-275 Guild Gathering and Swiftness Banner Schematic#, Packed Dolyaks, Centaur Banner
Lv 275-300 no guild unlocked recipes at this level
Lv 300-325 refine
Lv 325-350 Invulnerable Fortifications. refine leather into book covers as alternative
Lv 350-375 Vault Transport, Emergency Waypoint, Gate Turrets (in guide listed as “Auto Turrets”)
Lv375-400 Watchtower, Presence of the Keep
* = these are related, you need 1 karma and 1 experience banner to craft 1 karma and Experience banner
# = these are related, you need 1 Gathering boost banner and 1 Road marker to craft 1 Guild Gathering and swiftness banner.

My guild lacks the unlocks/will not give me permissions to level up my scribe
If your guild is missing the guild unlocks (and alternatives) you can “visit” (temporarily join) a guild that has them unlocked so you can level your scribe in their hall. Just keep in mind that all the guild related itmes (banners, WvW items and decorations) that your craft in that guild hall, will stay in the guildhall that you are visiting.

The Rising Falcons[RiFa] and the scribe guide History
Ever since Vin Lady Venture made the first static (now outdated) scribe together with Dulfy and found out that the guild unlocked scribe recipes could help leveling scribes safe a lot of gold He opened up the guild “The rising Falcons[RiFa]” for scribes who wanted to level up and RiFa has continued to run this service ever since. While the original guide has now been replaced by the much more advanced and up to date guide that you see here, made by xanthic.9478, RiFa is still accepting scribes who do not have access to (all of) the guild unlocked recipes. It is a casual relaxed guild that offers this service to anyone who likes to level his/her scribe, free of charge. While RiFa is an EU based guild, US based players can also use the service and unlocks. The only thing is that you cannot see any of the main guild members.

You can send an in game mail to Vin lady venture (Rin of Rivvinda.4971) for an invite in RiFa, just make sure you have at least 1 free guild slot and you should be invited within 24 hours.

NA/EU price data only
Kdykoliv uvidíte tuto ikonu ARROW můžete si rozkliknout více informací.

Normalní průvodce

Základní cena
Očekávaná návratnost
- 12398
Očekávaná koncová cena

1 Writ of Basic Speed - Prodáváno za 5621 za pomocí Max Buyout
4 Box of Banner Supplies - Prodáváno za 85 za pomocí Max Buyout
1 Writ of Calculated Strength - Prodáváno za 6437 za pomocí Max Buyout

The API key you enter needs 'inventories' permission to work. You can generate a key here.

Clicking the button will update the quantities of all items in your bank and material storage that are used in this guide.

Name of an item and its per unit cost.
Remaining Cost

KUP U VENDORA (prodejce)

Jug of Water (8 za from Vendor (prodejce))
Lump of Coal (16 za from Vendor (prodejce))
Spool of Linen Thread (32 za from Vendor (prodejce))
Crafter's Backpack Frame (8 za from Vendor (prodejce))
Crystalline Bottle (32 za from Vendor (prodejce))
White Balloon (2400 za from Vendor (prodejce))
Remaining Cost

POTŘEBNÝ MATERIÁL(Zjistěte, jestli nemáte v bance nebo Nakupte na tržišti)

Copper Ore (90 za)
Gold Ore (41 za)
Iron Ore (198 za)
Mithril Ore (46 za)
Platinum Ore (154 za)
Silver Ore (11 za)
Jute Scrap (49 za)
Green Wood Log (16 za)
Hard Wood Log (89 za)
Soft Wood Log (39 za)
Seasoned Wood Log (99 za)
Stretched Rawhide Leather Square (140 za)
Wool Scrap (145 za)
Cotton Scrap (69 za)
Linen Scrap (253 za)
Pile of Glittering Dust (63 za)
Pile of Shimmering Dust (275 za)
Pile of Radiant Dust (764 za)
Pile of Luminous Dust (687 za)
Pile of Incandescent Dust (234 za)
Vial of Thick Blood (507 za)
Carrot (107 za)
Potato (90 za)
Head of Lettuce (7 za)
Remaining Cost

Předchystáno (Kup na tržišti)

Arrow Cart Blueprints (2 za)
Resonating Sliver (5 za)
Badge of Tribute (1609 za)
Pouch of Red Pigment (39 za)
Pouch of Yellow Pigment (25 za)
Barbed Thorn (16 za)
Pouch of Brown Pigment (109 za)
Flax Fiber (31 za)
Pouch of Blue Pigment (71 za)
Box of Banner Supplies (200 za)
Strategic Defense Map of the Mists (97 za)
Pouch of Green Pigment (12 za)


Tier 1. Level 0-75:

Poznámka: Pokud postupujete od začátku podle průvodce, pak už jste tyto materiály pořídil.
168 Jug of Water (8 za)
253 Copper Ore (90 za)
840 Jute Scrap (49 za)
1344 Green Wood Log (16 za)
220 Stretched Rawhide Leather Square (140 za)
225 Pile of Glittering Dust (63 za)
85 Pile of Shimmering Dust (275 za)
28 Crystalline Bottle (32 za)
45 Resonating Sliver (5 za)
17 Badge of Tribute (1609 za)
84 Pouch of Brown Pigment (109 za)
408 Flax Fiber (31 za)

Cena: 205406 (Kumulativní cena: 205406)

Level: 0

Vytvoř:460 Green Wood Plank
Vytvoř:426 Bolt of Jute
Vytvoř:146 Green Wood Pulp
Vytvoř:102 Copper Ingot
Vytvoř: 34 Green Wood Dowel
Vytvoř:183 Linen Supply Sack
Vytvoř:146 Sheet of Coarse Paper
Vytvoř: 34 Simple Scribing Kit
Vytvoř: 34 Bag of Glittering Blotting Powder
Vytvoř: 34 Green Wood Pen
Vytvoř: 34 Copper Nib
Vytvoř: 34 Simple Ink Set
Vytvoř: 25 Copper Reinforcing Plate
Vytvoř: 25 Bag of Shimmering Energy
Vytvoř: 21 Bag of Dolyak Chow
Vytvoř: 6 Simple Scribe's Tools
Vytvoř: 6 Simple Scribe's Backpack

Level: 25

Vytvoř: 22 Coarse Book Cover
Vytvoř: 17 Minor Supply Drop

Level: 50

Vytvoř: 28 Guild Banquet

Tier 2. Level 75-150:

Poznámka: Pokud postupujete od začátku podle průvodce, pak už jste tyto materiály pořídil.
40 Copper Ore (90 za)
20 Green Wood Log (16 za)
20 Soft Wood Log (39 za)
20 Seasoned Wood Log (99 za)
28 Spool of Linen Thread (32 za)
40 Pile of Glittering Dust (63 za)
40 Pile of Shimmering Dust (275 za)
8 Resonating Sliver (5 za)
8 Badge of Tribute (1609 za)
192 Flax Fiber (31 za)
28 Pouch of Green Pigment (12 za)
28 White Balloon (2400 za)

Cena: 107496 (Kumulativní cena: 312902)

Level: 75

Vytvoř: 18 Silver Ingot
Vytvoř: 12 Soft Wood Plank
Vytvoř: 6 Soft Wood Dowel
Vytvoř: 6 Bolt of Wool
Vytvoř: 6 Soft Wood Pulp
Vytvoř: 6 Sturdy Scribe's Tools
Vytvoř: 6 Basic Scribing Kit
Vytvoř: 6 Soft Wood Pen
Vytvoř: 6 Silver Nib
Vytvoř: 6 Basic Ink Set
Vytvoř: 6 Bag of Shimmering Blotting Powder
Vytvoř: 6 Sheet of Rough Paper
Vytvoř: 6 Sturdy Scribe's Backpack


Vytvoř: 30 Box of Banner Supplies
Vytvoř: 8 Sabotage Depot


Vytvoř: 28 Green Balloon

Tier 3. Level 150-225:

Poznámka: Pokud postupujete od začátku podle průvodce, pak už jste tyto materiály pořídil.
63 Carrot (107 za)
63 Potato (90 za)
63 Head of Lettuce (7 za)
168 Iron Ore (198 za)
56 Lump of Coal (16 za)
84 Arrow Cart Blueprints (2 za)
21 Resonating Sliver (5 za)
49 Badge of Tribute (1609 za)
252 Flax Fiber (31 za)

Cena: 133938 (Kumulativní cena: 446840)


Vytvoř: 56 Steel Ingot
Vytvoř: 18 Gold Ingot
Vytvoř: 12 Seasoned Wood Plank
Vytvoř: 6 Bolt of Cotton
Vytvoř: 6 Seasoned Wood Pulp
Vytvoř: 6 Seasoned Wood Dowel
Vytvoř: 28 Bag of Radiant Energy
Vytvoř: 28 Steel Reinforcing Plate
Vytvoř: 6 Practical Scribe's Tools
Vytvoř: 6 Sheet of Fine Paper
Vytvoř: 6 Fine Scribing Kit
Vytvoř: 6 Bag of Radiant Blotting Powder
Vytvoř: 6 Seasoned Wood Pen
Vytvoř: 6 Gold Nib
Vytvoř: 6 Fine Ink Set
Vytvoř: 6 Practical Scribe's Backpack


Vytvoř: 21 Invulnerable Dolyaks


Vytvoř: 28 Guild Arrow Cart Blueprints

Tier 4. Level 225-300:

Poznámka: Pokud postupujete od začátku podle průvodce, pak už jste tyto materiály pořídil.
67 Jug of Water (8 za)
36 Copper Ore (90 za)
36 Gold Ore (41 za)
48 Platinum Ore (154 za)
36 Silver Ore (11 za)
12 Jute Scrap (49 za)
166 Green Wood Log (16 za)
48 Hard Wood Log (89 za)
154 Soft Wood Log (39 za)
166 Seasoned Wood Log (99 za)
12 Wool Scrap (145 za)
12 Cotton Scrap (69 za)
16 Linen Scrap (253 za)
30 Pile of Glittering Dust (63 za)
170 Pile of Shimmering Dust (275 za)
170 Pile of Radiant Dust (764 za)
40 Pile of Luminous Dust (687 za)
1 Vial of Thick Blood (507 za)
6 Crafter's Backpack Frame (8 za)
64 Crystalline Bottle (32 za)
55 Resonating Sliver (5 za)
28 Badge of Tribute (1609 za)
18 Pouch of Red Pigment (39 za)
18 Pouch of Yellow Pigment (25 za)
1 Barbed Thorn (16 za)
18 Pouch of Brown Pigment (109 za)
336 Flax Fiber (31 za)
69 Pouch of Blue Pigment (71 za)
2 Box of Banner Supplies (200 za)

Cena: 322387 (Kumulativní cena: 769227)


Vytvoř: 24 Platinum Ingot
Vytvoř: 16 Hard Wood Plank
Vytvoř: 8 Bolt of Linen
Vytvoř: 8 Hard Wood Pulp
Vytvoř: 8 Hard Wood Dowel
Vytvoř: 23 Journeyman's Ink Set
Vytvoř: 8 Sheet of Smooth Paper
Vytvoř: 8 Journeyman's Scribing Kit
Vytvoř: 8 Hard Wood Pen
Vytvoř: 8 Platinum Nib
Vytvoř: 8 Bag of Luminous Blotting Powder

Sheet of Smooth Paper (1)
Journeyman's Scribing Kit (1)
Barbed Thorn (1)


Vial of Thick Blood (1)
Sheet of Smooth Paper (1)
Journeyman's Scribing Kit (1)

Vytvoř: 1 Box of Journeyman Scribing Supplies


Vytvoř: 28 Centaur Banner


Vytvoř: 6 Intricate Scribe's Tools
Vytvoř: 6 Intricate Scribe's Backpack

Tier 5. Level 300-400:

Poznámka: Pokud postupujete od začátku podle průvodce, pak už jste tyto materiály pořídil.
224 Mithril Ore (46 za)
168 Pile of Luminous Dust (687 za)
252 Pile of Incandescent Dust (234 za)
84 Resonating Sliver (5 za)
112 Badge of Tribute (1609 za)
1008 Flax Fiber (31 za)
28 Strategic Defense Map of the Mists (97 za)

Cena: 399280 (Kumulativní cena: 1168507)


Vytvoř:112 Mithril Ingot
Vytvoř: 84 Bag of Incandescent Energy
Vytvoř: 56 Mithril Reinforcing Plate


Vytvoř: 28 Invulnerable Fortifications


Vytvoř: 28 Auto Turrets


Vytvoř: 28 Watchtower


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